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About Us

SINCE 1994

Delivering Quality

Bringing the finest bird’s nest in the market that are natural, flavorful, and nutritious puts us among the most trusted and well-known company in the world.  Our bird’s nests went through a 4-step traditional cleaning process with thorough inspection procedure to ensure its hygiene and freshness. All NaturalNest products are prepared with zero preservatives, additives, and coloring to preserve the nutrients and health benefits of the bird’s nest. 

From Us to Your Loved Ones

From our estates, to the cultivation process, to our careful inspection of all of our bird’s nest, we are committed to making sure you get the highest quality bird’s nest to serve up to your loved ones.

Fulfilling Responsibility

Aside from our own bird’s nest houses, we have been working with reliable partners for more than three generations. All our products are harvested with standard protection to ensure the welfare of the birds. We only collect unoccupied, inactive nests that the birds leave behind after the baby birds are fully grown.


To enhance our customers overall health and wellness


To deliver the finest quality of authentic Indonesian bird's nest


Integrity, Commitment, Passion