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Blood Nest Is Very Safe To Be Consumed

On June 3rd 2011, there was a report from Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau that some of blood nest in the market were detected with nitrite. This report however were not entirely correct, though it has caused a great impact in the bird nest industry.

Bird Nest Nitrite, Is It Safe?

On 15th August 2011 some province in China were repoted that edible bird nest contains high nitrite. Again, there are many rumors speculating regarding this matter and cause many traders, operators and even consumers confused and concerned. Then the question is, what is nitrite and is it harmful? how to avoid this substance if consumers concern about this substance and want to consume this delicacy food. Many information actually describes what nitrite is. Here is just short summary of what nitrite is.

Blood Nest Is Safe To Consume According To Scientific Research

Bloodnest or edible red birdnest is known to be one of nature’s oldest dish in China and has long become a household name within the Asian culture. Bloodnest which identified to have vibrant red color – is considered as the highest quality birdnest within the industry.

Real Or Fake, Good Or Bad

A natural bird’s nest is the real bird’s nest. Illegal merchants may coat a layer of egg white or jelly on poor quality imitations. This increases the weight. The fake bird’s nest will reflect light and look opaque.

The Categories Of Bird’s Nest

Bird’s nests are harvested 3 times per year, with each harvesting period generally lasting 3 months. The first period is from January to April, this is immediately followed by the second and third periods. The rainfall is particularly high during the first period this entices and environment highly suitable for the growth of tiny animals and plants giving the swift-let plenty of food.

Procedures For Soaking Bird’s Nest

Soak bird’s nest in warm water for 30 minutes. After removing feather from the bird’s nest, soak in the water for another 3 hours. Leave the soaking water for later use because it contains nutrition from the bird’s nest. Pour suitable amount of water and bird’s nest into a stewing pot. Stew over low heat for several hours.

Essential Criteria For Selecting A Bird’s Nest

Shape and volume: the best bird’s nests is in the shape of a boat or spoon. Bird’s nest can be triangular in shape if they have been built in the corner of two adjacent walls. However for nutritional value the shape does not matter. Bird’s nests that are broader in width rank higher. The real bird’s nest should be in a natural shape. 

Beneficial Effects Of Bird’s Nest

In the article “Yan Wo Kao” (The investigation on bird’s nest) in Monthly Mingpao Vol. 231, Prof. Y. C. Kong and Prof. P. S. Kwan (1985) mentioned that in China the consumption of the bird’s nest was first documented in the ancient Chinese literature “Hai Yu” (The language of the sea) (Huang, 1536) in the Ming Dynasty.

Getting To Know Bird’s Nest

Edible bird’s nest is the nest made purely of swiftlet’s saliva secretion. This nest is usually found in caves near shoreline cliffs or under eaves of house and is hand-collected. Hairs and filth are then removed from the nest before manufacturing.

Remedial Benefits And Usage Of Bird’s Nest

Bird’s Nest from a Clinical Experimental Point of View
According to a recent medical research reported by Hong Kong Chinese University, the cell division enzymeand hormone of bird’s nest can promote reproduction and rebirth of human cells. The Glycoprotein content directly stimulates cell growth in human’s immune system. As a result, body metabolism is enhanced and functional effects are greatly improved. Effective results of bird’s nest are observed when they are consumed by children, elders, feedle and sick people.

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