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The Legend Of A Heaven Bequeathed Cuisine

For thousands of years, bird’s nest has been recognized as a royal food with the ability to nourish the yin, strengthen kidneys, alleviate the yang, advance spleen, moisten lungs, beautify as well as prolong consumer’s lifespan.

Good Quality And Reasonable Price

Bird’s Nest is the nest where swiftlet birds secretly incubate their offspring. The remedial effects of bird’s nest were frequently recorded in ancient books. However, its limited supply and its premium prices have rendered it a privilege among certain social and economical status.

Two Common Methods To Cheat The Consumers

Some suppliers use H2O2 to remove the odor caused by the products with inferior quality. The H2O2 is highly poisonous and may cause cancer. It has been banned by WHO from any food product.

Type And Location Where Bird’s Nest Can Be Found

Most bird’s nests are produced in Southeast Asia countries such as Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam; all of which produce high quality bird’s nests. Among this, 80% of the production are from Indonesia with highly adeord quality and exported worldwide.

Naturalnest’s Quality Guarantee

1.100% guaranteed Natural Bird’s Nest.
2.Naturally, thoroughly and manually processed by own employees. We guarantee that all of our products contain no preservatives, no chemical and no coloring.

Bird’s Nest Cups Rehydrating Procedures

1.Soak dry bird’s nest in cold water (20°C – 25°C) for 2-4 hours (depend on each nest)
2.Dry the soaked bird’s nest and tear into shreds, rinse it with clean water to eliminate impurity
3.Simmer in boilling water for 5 minutes, dry it and immediately put into ice water for cooling.

Choosing The Recipes According To The Body Nature

According to Chinese medicine, the sweet flavor mainly enters the spleen channel. Sweet food is gentle, not cold or hot in nature. It has properties that give an alleviating and replenishing effect to the body. Consuming adequate amounts of sweet food can regulate the body functions. The bird’s nest tastes and swells better as sweet dish.

The Storage Of Bird’s Nest

Bird’s nest contains the precious salivary secretion of swallow. As with other foodstuff, it should be stored properly. The ideal method is to store the bird’s nest in an airtight storage jar followed by refrigeration. Shopkeepers who stock good quality bird’s nests should be able to offer valuable advice on correct storage. The bird’s nest can be dried in front of the air-conditioner if it is wet. However, beware not to dry by baking or by direct sunlight.

House Nest And Cave Nest

Bird’s Nest Can Be Categorized Into Two Main Type: House Nest And Cave Nest.

The House nest refers to nests that are build in wooden-roofed swallow farmhouses that are humid and dark. The interior temperature (28°C – 30°C), brightness and relative humidity (90%) are relatively similar to the conditions found in the bird’s natural cave habitat.

Recipes For Pregnant Woman And Foetus

Pregnant woman and their foetus can benefit greatly from eating bird’s nest. The regular consumption can increase nutrition and improve the health of the pregnant woman and foetus. The body and the immunity of the foetus can be strengthened and its mind activated. This thereby provides a firm foundation for future development.

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