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The Categories Of Bird’s Nest

The Categories Of Bird’s Nest

Bird’s nests are harvested 3 times per year, with each harvesting period generally lasting 3 months. The first period is from January to April, this is immediately followed by the second and third periods. The rainfall is particularly high during the first period this entices and environment highly suitable for the growth of tiny animals and plants giving the swift-let plenty of food.


The swift-let grow particularly strong and thereby produce copious amount of saliva. The bird’s nest harvested during this period are the most expensive because they are big and thick, highly swollen and contain fewer impurities. The second harvesting period is during the dry season. There is a decrease in food supply for the swift-let and this culminates in the bird’s nests being thin and loose and the nest thread are thick. The shape and the swelling capacity of the nests are poorer than those of the first period. The third period is well within the drought season. During this period of the year the swift-lets are weak. Their secretion of saliva is low and the feathers detached. The bird’s nests that are constructed are smaller in size, contain greater impurities (e.g. feathers) and have a very poor swelling capacity.

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