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Feb 6th, 2017

Valentines Day Messages

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Nov 23rd, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

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Dec 1st, 2015

Indonesia’s Forest Fires: Everything You Need To Know

Where are the fires? As satellite data of the fire hotspots shows, forest fires have affected the length and breadth[…]



DRIED Yan Bing White


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DRIED Yan Bing Red


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DRIED Yan Bing Orange


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DRIED White Grade SSS (AAA)

$445.00$2,400.00 $445.00$2,400.00

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DRIED White Grade SS (AA)

$430.00$4,600.00 $430.00$4,600.00

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DRIED White Grade S (A)


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DRIED Red Grade SS (AA)


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DRIED Red Broken Pieces

$550.00$3,200.00 $450.00$3,200.00

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DRIED Mix Pack Grade SSS (AAA)


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DRIED Red Grade S (A)


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Established in 1994, NaturalNest™ a well known and trusted company globally. The local knowledge of the bird's nest combined with the expertise of processing offers a formidable protection for its customers health future.

Indonesian swallow bird's nest is one of the finest quality in the world. There are two kind of places to develop the swallow bird nest. They are in caves and in old houses with three different types such as Blood Nest, Orange Nest and White Nest. NaturalNest™ produces various kinds of swallow house bird's nest. They are Blood Nest, Orange Nest and White Nest. Read More...