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Established in 1994, NaturalNest™ is a well-known and trusted company globally. The local knowledge of the bird’s nest combined with the expertise of processing offers a formidable protection for its customer's health. Indonesian swallow bird’s nest is one of the finest quality in the world. There are two kinds of places to develop the swallow’s bird nest: caves and old houses. NaturalNest™ produces various kinds of swallow house bird’s nest. They are Blood Nest, Orange Nest and White Nest. We guarantee that we only sell the best quality of 100% authentic edible bird's nest to our customer. All NaturalNest™ products are prepared with zero preservatives, additives, and coloring. Shop with no worry!


This product is a combination of white, orange and red bird nest. We have three different grade for this product which are Dried Mix Pack A, Dried Mix Pack AAA, and Dried Mix Pack SUPER. The grade in our products represent the size of the bird nest. The mix bird nest is best for those who want to try different varieties of our product.

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DRIED Mix Pack SUPER $875.00 More Details Add to cart

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